About Me

I am a healthy food enthusiast who also enjoys photography. So, naturally I paired the two and created my own online recipe book (blog), where I can store, share and view my recipes at ease. (No wasting paper)  :)

I have always wanted to try new and healthy foods I haven't tried before, and in creating the A - Z super food meal days, I will now force myself to do just that. I am having so much fun trying these new foods (they aren't all new foods to me, but if they aren't then I try to find a recipe to use, for that particular food, I haven't done before). 

From my taste buds to yours, I sincerely hope you enjoy and follow along with me in this super food alphabetical journey to maintain or boost your health :)

Keep tuning in for new recipes and super foods...


  1. Awesome pics :) I am definitely going to try the iceberg avacado dip...yum!

  2. Thank-you! Let me know what you think. :)